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Philippine Prudential Life is Miss World Philippines 2011’s Official Life Insurer

Mr. Gregorio D. Mercado, PPLIC President and CEO and Ms. Cory Qurino, CQGQI Chairman and CEO.

Manila, Philippines, 6 September 2011 — Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC), the industry leader in innovation and growth, has been named THE OFFICIAL LIFE INSURER of Miss World Philippines 2011.  In its bid to support Miss World Philippines Organization’s motto “Beauty in Giving,” PPLIC and CQ Global Quest Inc. (CQGQI), led by Ms. Cory Quirino, recently signed their Memorandum of Agreement to insure the 25 candidates of the 2011 Miss World Philippines Pageant.  In his remarks, PPLIC President and CEO Gregorio Mercado stated, “This very special project is not just about providing life insurance to the 25 candidates, but more of being one with the cause of the Miss World Philippines Organization, as it supports various charities, bringing help and hope to those in need.” Ms. Cory Quirino on her part noted the importance of Life Insurance as it provides added protection for the 25 Candidates in the face of possible risks in their daily activities and duties as the pageant draws nearer. Photo above shows

About PPLIC: 
Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC) is a leader in innovation and growth in the life insurance industry in the country. It is a reputable 100% Filipino-owned financial services company committed to providing the best financial advice and diversified and affordable products — such as endowment plans, whole life plans, group and permanent plans, healthcare coverage, educational and pension policies and Credit Life Insurance — to its valued clients through its multiple and accessible distribution channels.

Now celebrating 48 years of sterling, trustworthy and continuous service, PPLIC continues to serve the best interests of its more than 1.5 Million Policyholders and their families, with over Php 57 Billion Business-In-Force.  As of December 31, 2010, it has Total Assets of over Php 681 Million, which represents a 16.2% growth over the previous year or a tremendous 272% over a span of five years.  Total Equity is at over Php 228.9 Million, from merely Php 139 Million in 2005, or a five-year growth of 63.60%.  Net Income is recorded at Php 23.86 Million or a 210% growth over five years.  Its Total Premium Income is recorded at over Php 890 Million, a 31% growth over previous year or a 454% growth since 2005.  Total amount of Claims paid is over Php 88.47 Million for the year while the Legal Policy Reserves, the funds invested to be used for future claims, is recorded at over Php 351 Million, or an increase of Php 69 Million from previous year.  Total Investments are at over Php 351.47 Million.
In 2010, it was again awarded with the prestigious Superbrands status, making it the only life insurance company to be given this distinction for two consecutive awarding periods from 2009-2011.

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