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Miss World Philippines: Beauty in Giving


Hello friends of Miss World Philippines ! .  If you are a believer in beauty,  especially  one with a purposeful reason for being, then you are most welcome in  our world.

It is with honor and privilege that I have  accepted the Exclusive License awarded to me by Mrs. Julia Morley, Chair and CEO of Miss World Limited last January 25, 2011 . This acceptance marks my commitment to the cause of Miss World and the high expectations that come with the title. I am determined to rise up to the challenge of excellence, a tradition of the highest standards set by Miss World for over 60 years .

2011 marks the beginning of a new history for Miss World in our country simply  because,  for the very first time a Miss World Philippines will be crowned. She will become our Ambassadress of Goodwill to all nations the moment she steps onto the stage of the World Pageant. The Filipina who wins this coveted crown will be a shining example of the heart and soul of  Filipino womanhood.

Inspired by the slogan of Miss World Limited - "Beauty with a Purpose," we are adopting in the Philippines the theme "Beauty in Giving." And this is why, our winner and her court will put her beauty to good use by caring for  the marginalized women and children of the Philippines through various charities, namely, Tuloy Streetchildren Village and the PGH Medical Foundation.

CQGlobal Quest Inc., will manage the Miss World Philippines Pageant and through its activities, earmark funds for the betterment of the lives of countless streetchildren as well as the medical care of thousands of charity patients in the Indigent Wing of the Philippine General Hospital.

It is time for the world to see and to behold the beauty, the goodness and the brilliance of the Filipina and through her, the wondrous beauty that is the Philippines.

You can become a part of this noble crusade by seeking her out, this outstanding candidate - she who will become Miss World - Philippines. And by God's grace, possibly win the title of Miss World.

Beyond words of gratitude, I thank and bless you all.

Cory Quirino
Director, Miss World PHILIPPINES